You already know Anastasia McQueen is on Instagram. But if you want to watch some performances by this gifted female saxophonist then you should subscribe to her YouTube channel.

On Anastasia McQueen ‘s Youtube channel, you will find a large number of videos including solo shows and TV performances in different countries. Anastasia McQueen has, despite her youth, a long career as an international saxophonist.

In these videos you can also witness the versatility of Anastasia on a stage: how she is able to dance and move around with great sensuality, encouraging the public… you’ll also be impressed with how well she plays the sax.


Through her YouTube videos you can know the different versions of this female saxophonist. The videos in which Anastasia shines most are revealing of what this woman can do on stage. You will be especially impressed with her performances at party rooms, which have a very unique and special feeling.

It’s when standing in front of a live audience that Anastasia seems to give everything. Some of her videos only show quick glimpses of her performances, but she also made some videos where you can see entire shows.

In these videos you will not only see the performance of Anastasia, you will also feel the passion of the audience and how much they enjoy the show. There is a real chemistry that occurs only when the artist offers just what people want.


Of course, you can’t miss on YouTube a sample of the Anastasia saxo show on Flyboards – that’s a really impressive show, especially if you enjoy seeing nightclub parties with amazing light effects.

When you watch these videos you will understand why so many people come to the shows made by this spectacular and beautiful woman, whose great talent and professionalism goes hand in hand with good music and a lot of sensuality on stage.

If you subscribe to see the videos of Anastasia you won’t regret it; make sure to give your Like to support the artist, and write a comment if you want hear back from her.