Do you dedicate yourself to the organization of advertising events or do you have a small company and want to carry out a promotional evening? If you are going to organize a certain event your goal is to get the most people possible to know the news you want to give. It is important that the media come, but also important to attract the public in general because if there are many cameras but there are no people to witness the event it will be a failure.
To attract people you must be able to raise the profile of campaign prior to the event, inciting curiosity both in people who may already be attracted to the brand but also the general public who need other incentives to go to see what you want to show. This is something well known to advertisers and for this reason they pay stars of all kinds to attend their advertising events and go through the photocall with them, serving as a figurehead for the press and the general public alike.
So if you have the opportunity to hire celebrities, whether they are high level or just local, you should not let it slip by. These celebrities should always be people who contribute to the brand and whose image is consistent with what is being sold.

Music and shows

The music and the shows are also part of the events. When many people come to see a certain performance this in and of itself will also call the attention of the media. That’s why advertisers usually hire different artists to play in this kind of event.
They are not always pop artists, they can be of many types and they can even be known artists at a local level, like illusionists, singers or DJs. Among them, we propose the one and only Anastasia McQueen.

What does Anastasia McQueen bring?

To begin with, Anastasia brings a great experience as a saxophone player for events, as she has played for major international brands as well as fashion companies. She also provides a great deal of class and glamour, because her presence and personality are consistent with her artistic prowess.
In addition, Anastasia is an international figure, who will bring a lot of prestige to the event and will attract many people who already know her from her sax shows in Ibiza and many other places in Spain and around the world.