There are many ways to enjoy the summer in Ibiza; the diversity of this wonderful island offers many unique experiences:

  • Beach and sea. This is one of the favourite options for many people who come to the island. Good weather is guaranteed and there are many companies that offer different ways to enjoy the sea. Anastasia McQueen is a lover of water sports and she tries to take a break so that she can enjoy the beach and water sports. In some of her shows, Anastasia has included the use of a Flyboard, which includes an amazing display by specialists and shows her own expertise as she is raised into the air.
  • Night time parties. There are always evening parties during the summer months in Ibiza. The best party places compete to offer the highest quality shows and performers in the world of dance music; they also employ famous DJ’s.
  • Private parties. The best private parties are held during the summer in Ibiza. They include romantic weddings on the beach, where many couples decide to celebrate their union. Normally, the guests will be dressed in typical Ibizan clothing, making it even more special.

This year we can see Anastasia at several of these parties, for example, the Vintage show, which is being hosted by the well-known DJ Sebastian Gamboa. Anastasia will work together with organisers of these parties throughout the summer 2017. Anastasia also offers her shows for many types of celebrations, giving her the opportunity, through her music, to make the day romantic and very special.

The quieter side of summer in Ibiza

In addition to enjoying many activities, summer in Ibiza also has a calmer side. Strolling through the countryside enjoying the lesser known corners of the island, its hiking trails and semi-hidden coves; there are many ways to enjoy this Mediterranean paradise.

Anastasia does not have much free time, but she enjoys taking a short break to visit her favourite corners of the island. Obviously, we will not reveal where they are, but you will discover that they are well hidden away. However, as Anastastacia has lived in Ibiza for many years, surely she has become a great guide.