Anastasia McQueen continues to play alongside Sebastian Gamboa with great success. The dates available in Ibiza must be added to those that will take place in Barcelona, where they have been extremely popular with the public, up to June 1st.

Already we have anticipated that summer has arrived, with loads of surprises from our favourite woman saxophonist, and it will certainly not be boring. Do you have time to enjoy your favourite water sports? Maybe you have a problem to manage your time? This multifaceted woman always finds a moment for everything that interests her.

As you know, Anastasia is also an entrepreneur and, as such, has businesses related to water sports. But today we are going to focus on her saxophonist side and, specifically, her saxophone shows with Sebastian Gamboa.

These are just part of the schedule, loaded with performances, that this woman has planned for the summer – sometimes it seems that Anastasia McQueen is actually two people! But no, this woman is inimitable and unique as is proven every time she gets on a stage.

Dates for the next performances with Sebastian Gamboa

Here we have provided the list of dates that are available, so far, for the performances of Anastasia McQueen with Sebastian Gamboa in Barcelona and Ibiza. If you are going to visit any of these cities on these dates, do not hesitate to book your tickets and enjoy a very special show:

  • 16 June in Lio, Ibiza
  • 7 July in Lio, Ibiza
  • 13 July at CDLC, Barcelona
  • 28 July in Lio, Ibiza
  • 3 of August in CDLC, Barcelona
  • 18th August in Lio, Ibiza
  • 24 August at CDLC, Barcelona
  • 7 September at CDLC, Barcelona
  • 29 September in Lio, Ibiza

However, if you find that these dates do not fit in with your schedule, do not stop following this blog! Anastasia has many more gigs planned, some even internationally. So if you want to find out everything that is happening during the life of this artist, at a professional level, you can bookmark this page among your favourites and follow Anastasia McQueen on her social media networks where she is very active; in addition, these will also keep you informed about her future and past performances and give you the opportunity to upload wonderful photos that you will be able to enjoy looking at.