1- A good PR event pulls people in. People must be attracted enough to participate in the public event actively, not just by attending, but by active engagement with what is going to be happening on stage, how it will be presented, and how they will interact with the event. It is not only about filling the room; above all, it is important to make the event memorable so it echoes for days later. This goes double for social events with a lot of audience participation built in, a common strategy, especially when the brand wants to promote a new product.


2-Celebrities in attendance guarantee the attention of the media. It is always good, not to say that it is practically essential, to have celebrities at your promotional events. But control and careful selection here are key in order to send the right message. Celebrities who attend as official guests must be in line with the image of the firm. For instance, scandalous personalities involved in any recent controversies are best avoided since their media toxicity would tarnish the event. Although this person would attract a lot of press, in the end the reports will revolve around the scandal, and this is likely to be detrimental to the brand.


3-A quality stage setup, with performances of the first order. This is very important because if, once you have attracted enough people and press to the event, it turns out that you have nothing notable to offer, you are shooting your own brand in the foot. What you intended to polish and shine your public image may end up tarring and smearing it. That is why no detail is too small and negligible, and there is no room for phoning stuff in. Anastasia McQueen has tremendous experience in this type of promotional events and has demonstrated her great capacity to perform at such types of events flawlessly. It is not only about her music’s top quality; she imbues every aspect of her stage act with remarkable professionalism. There is no way to overrate that because having serious partners that you can trust is essential if you want an event that works well and gets to the hearts and minds of those in attendance.