A year full of projects has begun for Anastasia McQueen. During 2018 her international career is sure to acquire greater importance, as you will see from the way in which the year has started for her. But, we are sure that she will not abandon her projects in Ibiza and the rest of Spain.
The truth is that during the year 2017 we saw her in many different parts of Spain, mainly in Ibiza and Barcelona. We have, however, missed out on seeing her advertised as a saxophonist in Madrid or as participating in an event in this city. Everyone who wanted to see Anastasia live would have benefited from concert dates in a central location like Madrid. Will the 2018 be the year in which we can enjoy her performances on the capital’s stages once again?
With so many plans and projects it is logical that she cannot not visit all the places where she has fans. And we can not complain, because having to travel to Ibiza to see her is far from being a sacrifice – rather, it is a unique opportunity to enjoy an island full of possibilities, including discovering nights of celebrations that have no end.

Other aspects of her career

In addition to music, Anastasia McQueen’s career also has other very interesting facets. She is an occasional model and has posed for big brands for advertising purposes. During the coming year, we’re sure that she will continue with her photographic sessions, something that she loves to do – it is clear from her portfolio that she transmits such charm and professionalism as to leave us in no doubt that she knows how to behave in front of a camera.
Her promotional photos are also impressive, have you seen the latest ones? She really looks more beautiful than ever and has acquired a look that is slightly more grown up and more provocative than usual, something that we loved because it seems to break, at least partially, with the sweet image that had been transmitted so far in all her images for her events.
Of course, Anastasia can be hired throughout this year as a saxophonist for events or as a saxophone player for weddings, as she has always kept spaces free in her agenda for this kind of thing. This allows her to perform very personal shows that bring her very close to the people, something that has always seemed extraordinary to her. She still wants to be part of the magical moments in your life.