If you look at the class of Ibizan artists, you can find almost every kinds of performer, each of them devoted to putting on the most varied shows. After all, we are talking about a place which is visited by tourists as much for its sunshine and beaches as for its world-famous clubs. There, you can hear the most renowned DJs or enjoy performances that simply cannot be experienced anywhere

If there is a word that defines Anastasia McQueen when she steps on stage, that word is “sexy”. We are talking about a very beautiful woman who also knows how to move to attract attention in an elegant and very sensual way. Her femininity is plain to see and her charm too, but soon after she has taken the spotlight, other things about her start attracting our attention. First and

When you book one of Anastasia McQueen’s sax shows, you are not going to get a canned show which gets played every night in a different town. The great versatility of this artist allows her to adapt to all types of parties and events that she wants to perform, choosing the music she will play to match the customer’s desired themes. For example, sax performances at weddings or anniversary parties

The so-called feminine sensibility is often ascribed to the way women perceive and express everything that has to do with feelings. But is there really feminine sensibility in music? Do men and women have a different touch? Anastasia, a female saxophonist, has trained long and hard in order to reach the proficiency she has with her instrument. Without a doubt, it is this training and the hard work behind it

1- A good PR event pulls people in. People must be attracted enough to participate in the public event actively, not just by attending, but by active engagement with what is going to be happening on stage, how it will be presented, and how they will interact with the event. It is not only about filling the room; above all, it is important to make the event memorable so it

Anastasia McQueen is a saxophonist for events and can be hired to perform for many different reasons. If you are planning an event promoting your organization, let’s ask you three examples of when it might be a good idea to hire Anastasia to be great with your customers. Of course, Anastasia can be hired for many other occasions and celebrations. SAXOPHONE FOR BUSINESS EVENTS There are times when companies need

Anastasia is also a saxophonist for weddings. Their great experience in all kinds of celebrations makes it a perfect choice for all those who want their wedding to be something beyond a simple contract signature: they want it to be an unforgettable day for them and for all of theirs. For that, nothing better than offering the guests something different than usual, to make them feel that they are celebrating

The well-known local Ibiza Jacaranda Lounge presents an event of the most special kind that will take place in Thailand: The Ibiza Party in Thailand. The Ibiza Party is a show that brings together different countries, trying to take the spirit of the Mediterranean island to other places, among them the most exotic Asian countries. Although these places are separated by many kilometers, they all have something in common: a

Does being a female saxophonist make a difference when it comes to a musical performance? The truth is that music does not care about gender, but every performer puts a little of their essence in every musical note no matter what instrument they play. Sensitive ears will notice a different sensitivity in music played by men or women. Anastasia is a saxophonist woman with a solid training and a vast

Hiring a saxophonist for private parties can make the difference, when it comes to providing fun and great music for friends or family guests. But if that saxophonist is Anastasia McQueen, then class and the fun will be more than guaranteed. Anastasia always takes the time to talk with customers, to make sure she understands what they are looking for and what kind of show they want to watch. A