Organizing an advertising event to promote a new product is not something that is reserved only for international brands. Local businesses can also carry out these types of activities, even if their budget is more limited. The important thing is to do it well so that it makes the right impression on the consumer – not only getting the product’s name out there, but also promoting a good brand image.

The end of this year has been very special for Anastasia McQueen as it has been filled with projects, some of which we can tell you about in this blog, and which are sure to surprise you. To say goodbye to 2016, Anastasia played at the L’Oreal Spain Christmas party, an important event to which she put her own personal touch thanks to her musical performance. L ‘Oréal is one

This weekend we will put an end to 2016. It’s been a year full of great memories! To Anastasia McQueen, this year has been marked by the chance of turning some her dreams into realities and to live new and interesting professional experiences, such as the opportunity to play on the streets of Andorra during the local Shopping Festival. There are always plans to be made, activities to take part

On New Year’s Eve, we all dress to impress. Even the stages at the most prestigious party venues are dressed up for the occasion. Everyone is keen on showing their best side on a night that is, without a doubt, a crucial test for many artists and top-of-the-range performances. On such a special night, people want to see something beyond average, the best they can find and afford, because after

Sax music can be the greatest discovery you make this Christmas. The saxophone can be an ideal choice when it comes to playing the world’s most well-known Christmas songs. In fact, some internationally renowned musicians have already incorporated sax music into their albums. Among these, the most well-known musician is possibly Kenny G., who won a Grammy award and became famous during the 1980s and 1990s following his solo work

Nothing can be left to chance when it comes to organising a Christmas corporate event, and this is why many specialised event companies are fully booked as early in the year as October. If you want to make sure that your event features the best shows and takes places at a top venue, you will need to plan ahead. Come December, Christmas corporate events have already taken place, and if

In many cases, product launches go hand in hand with eye-catching performances that grab the attention of the public and the media. The objective of these performances is to attract people’s attention, and once that has been achieved, the product in question is unveiled. Live music and sports events are the most popular performances used during product launches, but the choice must be coherent with the product that’s being launched.

Have you always wanted to be able to play the saxophone? If you have, that’s hardly surprising, given that this is a truly special musical instrument. The saxophone is one of the few instruments that can replicate the full voice spectrum, particularly the soprano sax, the alto sax, the baritone sax, and the tenor sax. Moreover, the saxophone can play virtually every musical style. There are several techniques you can

Hearing the sax being played on the streets may not be particularly unusual, but can you imagine coming across saxophonist Anastasia McQueen doing so? That’s exactly what happened during the 2016 edition of the Andorra Shopping Festival. The festival took place between 28 October and 13 November, and to many people it was a sneak-peek of the upcoming Christmas holidays. During the festival, visitors had the chance to buy all

Milan is considered the capital of Italian fashion and, along with New York and Paris, it is a world-wide fashion capital. This city is where the great designers have their main workshops, and it is here that they present their most important creations which we see on the catwalks. It is considered the most important city when it comes to pret-à-porter, that is to say, the fashion that we wear