Looking for an international saxophonist? Maybe you have a party room or you have some business that you want to promote. You want to organize a party that attracts new customers and rewards your established clients. In this case, you should find a good hook that makes the party stand out from all others with a special touch. By hiring a female saxophonist you have taken a step into the

Instagram is the most fashionable social network of the moment, and the most used by all those who want to follow their idols. People from the music, cinema or fashion industries use Instagram to stay in touch with their fans. There are some who have become celebrities thanks to the exposure they get from this network, where they share tutorials, images or experiences. If you like Anastasia McQueen and you

They say that musicals are not in fashion. They also say that jazz has long ceased to interest the public, but then a movie such as “La, la, Land” appears and proves everyone wrong while collecting prizes from across the board. This is a musical with jazzy vibe, featuring a pianist who loves this classic musical style and a young actress wannabe who was unaware of this musical style until

To hire a sax show, the first thing you need to do is deciding what exactly you are looking for. This type of show is not the same kind of performance you’d expect from a classic sax, orchestra, classical band or jazz show, which are general musical shows. Think of the sax player as a performer; she’s more suitable for a party where people want to dance than an intimate

You already know Anastasia McQueen is on Instagram. But if you want to watch some performances by this gifted female saxophonist then you should subscribe to her YouTube channel. On Anastasia McQueen ‘s Youtube channel, you will find a large number of videos including solo shows and TV performances in different countries. Anastasia McQueen has, despite her youth, a long career as an international saxophonist. In these videos you can

Anastasia’s shows are celebrations of good music. Her sax is the centre of attention, along with the performer’s fantastic choreography and stage presence. But oftentimes there is another remarkable stage presence: the DJ. In Anastasia’s preferred style of music, the DJ plays a crucial role in much of the show, providing the backing track, mixes, and arrangements upon which the female saxophonist takes the lead and plays her trademark licks.

The Simpsons is undoubtedly the most successful animated series in the history of television with twenty-eight seasons having been aired to date. The famous family of yellow characters seems ready to beat all the records. Many people have grown up watching the adventures of their favourite characters every day at lunch time and so it is easy to see how they have influenced us in many ways: phrases we all

Anastasia McQueen’s saxophone performances make us want to find out more about this instrument, and that is why were are going to talk more here about this instrument whose name came from the union of two words: sax, from the surname of its creator, Joseph Sax, and phone, the word for sound. So, in fact, its name means the Sound of Sax. The saxophone is an interesting instrument because it

Above all, music is a vehicle with which to convey feelings. It plays on the emotions and senses, meaning different things to different people as it provokes personal memories. Therefore, a song that may seem upbeat and happy can actually cause sadness in someone who associates it with a bad experience. Those who have synesthsia even say that they directly associate music with colours or tastes, however for most people,

As the name implies, Big Bands are groups made up of several musicians. Its origins are in the jazz genre, and usually, there are three musical sections: brass, woodwind and percussion. Big Bands had their golden age during the roaring twenties when swing musc was at its height, and until the 1960s these bands were found in dance halls all over the world. However, in the 60s, pop bands started