Anastasia McQueen is a very young woman, but her youth does not translate into inexperience. She began playing with only ten years and from very young began to travel with different orchestras, knowing what is the hard world of professional musicians. On her tour she learned what it means to play before very different audiences, all very demanding but in some cases looking for completely different things. And you had

Anastasia McQueen also entertains at private meetings. These kind of corporate events are common at conventions and business meetings of all kinds. A private performance is often organised as a way of closing the evening. It’s a good finale after one or more days of hard work, where business deals have been done and where there have been days of stressful debates. These events allow people to relax and unwind,

The great saxophonist Anastasia McQueen offers shows unlike any other. But, perhaps, what has made her the talk of the town are the shows in Ibiza. Especially those offered by some hotels during the day, using the pool area. Competition in Ibiza is intense. That’s why hotels try to attract customers throughout the day with attractions and shows. Concerts are not only a nighttime experience – it’s common to find

Anastasia’s private life is very private. However, there are certain aspects that she is prepared to discuss. There are people for whom time does not pass in the same way; this is the only way to explain how someone like Anastasia McQueen is able to do everything she does. Now that we are getting to know her a little better, we can understand that she is a true virtuoso saxophone

Perhaps her name does not sound familiar if you have not been a regular of the party scenes of Ibiza, but it is possible that her beautiful face is recognisable. This is probably because Anastasia McQueen is also a fantastic supermodel who has featured in many very prestigious magazines and has starred in major campaigns. However, she is best-known as a virtuoso musician who masterfully handles the saxophone and has

Anastasia McQueen’s shows are amazing in all its aspects. Her revolutionary way of playing the saxophone and the accompanying shows has led to her becoming increasingly sought after in the Ibizan party scene, as she always offers the best of times to her extremely demanding clientele. One of these aspects is Anastasia McQueen’s amazing wardrobe. Clothing has a very important role in her shows because they are an intrinsic part